The Winner

The winner of the 2016 Transmission Prize is Theodore Zeldin.

The philosopher’s work, using conversation to uncover the 'dark matter' of each other's minds, was voted the biggest, boldest and most interesting idea by the 2016 Transmission Prize panel.

This year's prize centred on effective and personal ideas for change and no one captured this ethos as persuasively as Theodore.

The Prize

Now in its fourth year, Salon London's Transmission Prize rewards writers, speakers, scientists, philsophers and activists for their ideas and the way they communicate them. The work is judged on following criteria:

  • Originality - both the freshness of the concept and the recognition of the author as its originator.
  • Utility - the potential benefits to society derived from the work.
  • Beauty - that which sparks the imagination and speaks to the concerns of the time.
  • Communication - the work undertaken to get an idea in front of people.

The Transmission Prize is sponsored by Julia & Barney Skretney.

The Nominees

The Panel

The Transmission Prize 2016 is chaired by entrepreneur and CEO Margaret Heffernan, science writer Dr Michael Brooks, Head of Retail at Foyles Sion Hamilton, leading vocal coach and Salon London co-founder Juliet Russell and prize founder Helen Bagnall.

The Event

The prize will be awarded at the first Salon of 2016 at Foyles on Charing Cross Road. Tickets available here.

Previous Winners

Previous winners have been writer and broadcaster Claudia Hammond for her psychological exploration of time, Professor David Nutt for his honest look at the harm of all drugs and Margaret Heffernans call for less competition in life and Dr Julian Baggini's philosophical unpicking of modern thoughts on food joint win in 2015.

Previous shortlisted speakers have included Olivia Laing for her psychogeography exploration of why writers drink, Professor Barbara Sahakian for her examination of smart drugs, Prof Elaine Fox for her work in emotional resilience, and sound recordist Chris Watson for his incredible soundscapes of the natural world.

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