The Winner

Salon London have announced renegade economist Kate Raworth as the 2018 winner of its coveted Transmission Prize, recognising the critically acclaimed bestseller 'Doughnut Economics' which is released on paperback and ebook on the very day of the prize itself. The groundbreaking book hand-picks the best emergent ideas – ranging from ecological, behavioural and institutional economics to complexity thinking, and Earth-systems science – to reveal the insights of eclectic economic re-thinkers. It promises that the economic future will be fascinating, but wildly unlike the past, if people equip themselves with the mindset needed to take it on. Doughnut Economics is out on paperback and ebook on 22nd February and available to buy here.

In her book, Raworth draws attention to the undeniable fact that economics matters. Its theories are the mother tongue of public policy, the rationale for multi-billion-dollar investments, and the tools we use to tackle global poverty and manage our planetary home. Pity then – or more like disaster – that its fundamental ideas are centuries out of date, but still dominate decision-making for the future. Instead of criticising the past, Raworth's book takes the long view forwards, identifying seven insights to help the twenty-first-century economist bring humanity into the global sweet spot (shaped like a doughnut) that combines human prosperity with ecological sustainability. Raworth's revolutionary standpoint on economics epitomises the sort of thinking that Salon London looks to propagate and makes her a worthy winner of this year's Transmission prize.

The Prize

Now in its sixth year, Salon London's Transmission Prize rewards writers, speakers, scientists, philsophers and activists for their ideas and the way they communicate them. The work is judged on following criteria:

  • Originality - both the freshness of the concept and the recognition of the author as its originator.
  • Utility - the potential benefits to society derived from the work.
  • Beauty - that which sparks the imagination and speaks to the concerns of the time.
  • Communication - the work undertaken to get an idea in front of people.

The Transmission Prize is sponsored by Julia & Barney Skretney.

The Event

The prize will be awarded at the first Salon of 2018 at The Hospital Club. Tickets available here.

Previous Winners

Previous winners have been writer and broadcaster Claudia Hammond for her psychological exploration of time, Professor David Nutt for his honest look at the harm of all drugs and Margaret Heffernan's call for less competition in life, Dr Julian Baggini's philosophical unpicking of modern thoughts on food joint win in 2015, Theodore Zeldin for his work in re-establising conversation across divides, Dr Robert E Smith, Professor Steve Fuller and Professor Arthur I Miller for their work in artifical intelligence.

Previous shortlisted speakers have included Olivia Laing for her psychogeography exploration of why writers drink, Professor Barbara Sahakian for her examination of smart drugs, Prof Elaine Fox for her work in emotional resilience, and sound recordist Chris Watson for his incredible soundscapes of the natural world.

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